Monday, April 4, 2011

Anyone Would Be Lucky To Be Your Friend

Dear Savanna,
          I think you're a smart young woman. You have a beautiful attitude and you have good ideas. Anyone would be lucky to be your friend. I feel bad about your brother and dad. Maybe you should talk to your dad about what you're doing and tell him and remind him no matter what that you will never ever do drugs or steal or anything to get you in prison or jail. But tell him nicely. Maybe tell your mom to harden up a little bit and say no once in awhile.

       You are a strong and confident girl and I can see that by your stories you wrote. You must be really proud not doing drugs and you make me want to be just like you. Because I want your looks and your attitude. Maybe if I could do the things that you do, my younger siblings (sister and brother) will want to be like me. Then, me, my sister and brother will be just like you.

       You are a really influential person and hopefully your sister will learn from you. Maybe you might  help your brother to learn from you too. You look really nice and a little tough too. It sounds like you were born wise. It's a good thing you say no to drugs. I would really like to be your friend because of how nice you are and how strong.

                                                                Becky Wilkins--age 12

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