Monday, April 25, 2011

Goals and a Wonderful Future

Dear Jill,
    A friend told me yesterday about Savanna's interview on Fox News (which I didn't see) and about her life and book.  I just went to me computer and googled it to see the interview.  The reason I am so interested in her story and in Savanna, is because I was her second grade teacher.  At that time, I was terribly concerned about her, her older brother (whom I also taught in his second grade year), and other family members.  It was obvious that the life styIe I observed at that time was not so positive.
    Please tell Savanna how thrilled I am that she has been able to step out of that downward cycle and to turn into such a lovely young woman, with goals and a wonderful future.
    I have been retired for six years now, but I still think of each of my former students as "my kids", and often wonder where they are and what their lives are like.  Thanks to you for being so supportive of Savanna and helping make her life go in a positive direction.
My Love
Savanna's second grade

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